Complete Freight Forwarding services for international and national routes

VULCRI is a private owned company from Romania which took birth from our concern in providing quality and expertise in Freight Forwarding services on international and national routes. Vulcri is a transport broker and international forwarder for import, export and transit.

Over time we expanded our services offering complete logistics services, our experience allows us to offer various transport services and Freight Forwarding services regardless the nature of requests received from our customers. We have everything necessary to offer solutions to your needs for internal and international transport.

We save time and money for you

Price is set according to the characteristics of each transport, ensuring competitive rates and prompt services and quality.
We have optimized solutions according to your needs thus saving time and money for you in a fair partnership.

Secure cargo delivery

Shipments are made ​​under international conventions CMR - Convention on International Road Transport Agreement of goods and / or TIR - Customs Convention on the international transport of goods by application of TIR Carnets.

Partial loads - LTL - groupage transport

Whenever you need to transport general goods in smaller quantities, we can help you by offering our auto transport services - as partial loads or groupage transport, also known as LTL - less than truck load.

Full Truck Load transport - FTL

FTL transport means that a transport vehicle ( freighter ) is used exclusively for one client. FTL comes from the expression: FULL TRUCL LOAD. Whenever you need international goods transport services, VULCRI is at your disposal with all available types of trucks well suited for the goods you need to be transported.